Nitrous Express spark plug feed back

Martin, Here is a Pic of our 1974 Datsun 260 Z Leaving the line at the Horse Power TV Outlaw Nationals ORSCA / YEAR ONE Shoot Out at Carolina Dragway 11/18/06 We Qualifyed # 1 in the Year One Open Class with a 5.09 ET at 139.32 MPH and went to the finals but broke the transmission due to tire shake. Thanks for leting me try your Brisk Racing Plugs ( # D10S ) We were very happy with the results, the plugs were easy to read on the ground strap for timming and on the porslin for the fuel tune up. We were running them in a 442ci Small Block Chevrolet 23 degree head, Kinsler Fuel Injection, with 500hp Nitrous Express Shark Nozzle System 350 turbo transmission 3800 stall nitrous converter, 4.11 gear with a 33/18.5/15 Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T Tire The car weighs 2800 lb with me in it and has ran a best of 7.86 ET at 176.00 MPH 1/4 mile and a 5.06 ET at 140.00 MPH with a 1.17 60 FT. 

Thank You,
Jon Phillips
Nitrous Express East
Sales and Tech