Denis Lugo spark plug feed back

Excessive Engineering
2320 Clark Street Suite A12
Apopka, FL 32703


"Since we have changed over to BRISK USA's Silver Racing spark plugs, having to change spark plugs often is now a thing of the past. We have run over 8 races on the same set of plugs, where as we changed plugs twice per event before when using other brand plugs. We also have picked up dyno-proven power from the dependability of BRISK plugs to fire under the high cylinder pressure of our turbocharged combination. This dependability has allowed us to be more aggressive with our tune-up, without any engine failures from misfiring. BRISK spark plugs are definitely the way to go for those looking to get the most power and dependability out of their combinations. We trust and use BRISK in all of our customer vehicles at Excessive Engineering, and recommend them to you, too."

-Dennis Lugo
FFW S/O #17
NOPI Pro RWD #17

Ford 388 cid (351) motor, Twin 88 mm Turbo, Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs D08S gapped at .024”, MSD7, Yets heads, 5-speed trans. Big stuff 3,
34-36 PSI Boost, 2,240 to 2,260 HP, 3,140 lbs, Best1/4mile: 7.07sec. 208mph