Cadet karts spark plug feed back

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our experience with Brisk plugs. 

My 9 year old son, Logan, races Cadet karts at Stockholm MotorsportsPark ( when the shop manager told me that he had a new plug for us to try I took him up on his offer. We switched just after the first practice session and after Logan returned to the pits from the second practice he logged his best lap ever and knocked an average of.2/second off per lap. The conditions were the same the only variable was the new Brisk plug. This was confirmed again during a non-race weekend practice session.

We're racing again this weekend and I just last night I pulled off the NGK stickers from his kart...our loyalty has switched. If you would be so kind to provide stickers for his kart and trailer, we'd be happy to display them! Send a few because as the points leader somebody is always putting a wheel on his kart and we keep it polished and professional looking for every race and/or practice.

We're also switching out plugs on everything we own! 

All the best,

Robert Bauer
Nephron Racing