Brisk in a winning F1 World Championship Motor Boat

The already 38th World Championship of Motor Boats in the most prestigious category F-1 took place in the presence of 12 teams including Spirit of Norway. The Spirit of Norway team which is directly supported by BRISK Tábor a.s., fits its boats exclusively with spark plugs Brisk Premium DOR 11 LGS Lamborghini. The preparation of two 12-cylinder Lamborghini motors, each with the output of 1000 horses, which drive almost a 40 m long boat by the speed exceeding 270 km/hr, was demanding but the development staff of Brisk managed to optimally accommodate the spark plug design and selection to special requirements of motor directly on the motors in Italy. This direct co-operation enabled the maximum use of the creativity and potential of Czech people, and led to substantial performance improvements. The championship was thrilling until the last race, which decided on the victory of Spirit of Norway team before Victory 7 team. The achieved results should support the promotion of spark plugs Brisk Premium in other motor sports. Brisk is an OE spark plug supplier for the Lamborghini Motori Marini.