Brisk Premium LGS Spark Plug

Brisk Premium LGS Spark Plugs were designed to maximize the benefit of factory high power ignition systems used on late model vehicles.  The proprietary design of the LGS spark plugs provides maximum spark exposure, and unrestricted access of the air/fuel mixture.   Once the ignition process is initiated by the spark plug the flame front can expand without any restrictions in all directions.  This "Open Fire design" contributes to faster and more complete burn, resulting in increase of mean cylinder pressure of each combustion cycle.  In addition, faster rise in cylinder pressure eliminates the need for running excessive timing advance, which generates excessive heat and can strain the engine. Brisk Premium LGS spark plugs brings more ignition power inside the combustion chamber and therefore requires the ignition system to be in sound condition.  This is important especially in hi-performance applications, where dense environment inside the combustion chamber makes it difficult for a spark discharges to occur.  The LGS spark plug is an excellent choice for stock and mild power applications, and high power applications with upgraded ignition systems.  For applications with insufficient ignition power to run the wide gap LGS spark plug  in their high power applications (generally works well inthe applications where the recommended spark plug gap for given application is more than 0.32" which is 0.8mm), we offer few part numbers in the LGS-T configuration which is a version of the LGS spark plug with Tight (smaller) gap.  An example of the popular LGS-T part numbers such as Brisk Premium DOR15LGS-T, DOR14LGS-T, DO10LGS-T, GOR15LGS-T, GOR14LGS-T, GO11LGS-T spark plugs.  

Brisk Premium LGS spark plug has been developed in cooperation with Lamborghini Morori Marini. The spark plug utilizes extremely long glide-spark and massive integrated side electrode. Massive integrated side electrode ensures superior heat removal from active part of the spark plug. Extremely long glide spark (almost 3mm) protrudes deep into combustion chamber, carries more potential charge and is unshielded by the conventional side ground electrode. The air and fuel mixture is ignited more spontaneously and flame front spread is unrestricted and more uniform.

Spark Plug Unique and Patented Design
Higher output, better throttle response and acceleration are achieved through better fuel energy utilization. This in turn also lowers the exhaust emission.

Spark Plug Completely New Spark Gap Shape
Brisk’s design provides an unrestricted and more spontaneous spread of the flame front which is achieved by:

  • Retracted ground electrode- Unlike conventional spark plugs, where the discharge is constrained by the ground electrode, Brisk Premium Spark Plugs utilize a design where the spark plug ground electrodes are retracted so the spark discharge occurs at the very tip of the spark plug.


 The ground electrode design of the traditional spark plug restricts the natural spherical expansion pattern of the flame front

Brisk Premium Spark Plugs utilize surface spark discharge along with retracted ground electrode designed to ensure maximum spark exposure and unrestricted flame front propagation 


  • Utilizing hotter semi-surface spark discharge- It is easier (takes less energy) for a spark to glide along the surface of the insulator than to break through the air gap. Brisk Premium Spark Plugs take advantage of this feature in its design. Almost 2/3 of the spark travel between the electrodes is along the surface of the insulator. The length of the spark discharge is maximized with only a slight increase in the required supplied ignition energy. The higher voltage buildup at the center electrode before the spark-over results in delivering more spark energy into the combustion chamber. However, this spark plug requires a sound ignition system (in good condition) for proper operation.

  • Utilizing a special ground electrode design- The spark discharge can occur in almost 360 degree perimeter at the place with the most optimal air fuel composition; which is where the ionization of the molecule is most easily achieved. This special feature ensures that the spark occurs at the best possible place for ignition, unlike in the conventional spark plug design where the spark always occurs in the same confined place. Since the air fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber is not homogenous (has different concentration at different places) this results in faster and better ignition of each ignition cycle. In addition, there is no need for indexing of the spark plugs since the plug is symmetrical and there is no ground electrode restricting the access of the air fuel mixture.

Spark Plug Silver Center Electrode - Silver is material with the most free electrons.  Silver is by far the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals.


Properties of Materials













































Spark Gap Deep in Combustion Chamber

Shifting the spark gap deeper inside the combustion chamber provides better access of the air fuel mixture to the point of ignition. Since the flame front propagates evenly in all directions the best place for ignition is in the center of the combustion chamber. The compact design of the spark gap minimizes turbulence and therefore increases the volumetric flow.

Spark Plug Integrated Ground Electrode
The massive ground electrode is the integrated part of the spark plug shell which provides superior heat removal from the active part of the spark plug, improving the resistance to pre-ignition and electrode burn-off.

Ionization and spark-over occurs automatically together with an optimum composition of the fuel/air mixture. The spark plug gap is not shielded by the side electrode, so the mixture has unlimited access. Better mixture ignition, and thus higher combustion speed, and faster flame front spread, especially at the beginning of combustion, allows better fuel energy utilization. The subsequent increase in medium effective pressure in the engine cylinder and balancing of values of medium effective pressure during individual working cycles contribute to increased engine power.


Measurements made for example of CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 5.7 l and VW GOLF, performed by an independent testing authority in Canada, confirm comparability of both designs.



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