Brisk Iridium High Performance Spark Plugs

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 Brisk Iridium High Performance Spark Plug - Summary of Advantages

  • The spark plug ground electrode is cut-back to the center of the center electrode which assures the suppression of flame extinguishing effect at cold starts and does not hinder the flame front propagation into combustion chamber.
  • Spark plug pecial alloy which is alloyed by Yttrium reduces essentially the burnings of electrodes and enables the flashover from rather long edge and low demand for a voltage supplied by ignition system.
  • Spark plug Copper core ground electrode provides better heat dissipation from the ground strap - reduces the temperature by about 100 C (212 degree F) which reduces the chance of pre-ignition and detonation, as well as reduce the ground strap hi-temperature burn-off and extenting the service life of the spark plug.
  • Spark Plug Iridium contact on the copper cored center eletrode assures a long change interval.
  • The space between reduced diameter of centre electrode and insulator tip enables a fast evaporation of fuel and prevents formation of soft combustion deposits on the insulator tip of the spark plug.
  • The cylindrical ending of spark plug insulator tip enables very fast achievement of spark plug self cleaning temperature after engine start.
  • The ceramics mass with high content of AI2O3 with increased dielectric strength of the spark plug.
  • The cooper core of centre electrode increases the thermal conductivity and therefore it enables the insulator tip elongation by sufficient thermal value reserve of spark plug.
  • The spark plug surface protection Zn/Ni extends the resistance to spark plug corrosion.


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