Brisk Performance YTE Spark Plug Sale! Engine Builder and Tune Up Special!!

Brisk Performance spark plug Engine Builder & Tune-Up Special!! Brisk "YTE" style plugs, are Copper plugs that have been Enriched with Yttrium, which is a great conductor at high temperatures. These characteristics along with the Triple-Electrode design offer optimum life span, increased performance and efficiency!

 Brisk "YTE" style plugs require no Indexing, and have a compact design for better exhaust header clearance. Brisk "YTE" Style plugs are a great choice for Performance and Racing Crate Engines Spark plug replacement, also for daily driven OE street applications this plug is For our Dealers / Engine builders we would like to offer this sale promotion at $2.49/each when purchased by box, quantity of 200, you will also receive free shipping with an order of this quantity!

Contact us directly for application fitment also for more in-depth technical details!