Brisk USA Enterprises at 50th Anniversary SEMA 2013 Follow up!


Hello from Brisk USA

Thanks for taking the time to talk about Brisk at SEMA show 2013.  We would like to tell you more about our company, our products and what we can offer to you.


About Brisk 

Brisk (formerly known as PAL – Automotive and Aircraft Enterprises) has the world’s most comprehensive line-up of high performance specialty silver spark plugs in the world.  We are the sixth largest spark plug manufacturer with a heritage that dates back to 1935 (79 years in business).  Brisk manufactures 50 million spark plugs annually, and exports to over 57 countries worldwide.

Brisk has an extensive research and development program that has collaborated with industry leaders such as Lamborghini Motor Marini.  Our research facilities include the Glass and Ceramics Technical Institute in the Czech Republic and Brita Trade, a specialist in radioactive shielding glass and other products for Nuclear Medicine and RTG (X-Ray diagnostic equipment).

Brisk is an OEM supplier for many top brands including Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, SKODA, Renault, Mack Trucks, Opel, Hirth, Limbach, TM Racing, Husqarna, Dacia, Active, Motoco/Tecumseh, Brano, Daewoo, Jawa, and many other brands.  Our flagship product is the BRISK Silver Racing Spark Plug, and  also BRISK PREMIUM LGS Spark Plug.  Our product line-up includes High Performance and Racing Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs, speed, position, pressure and other sensors for the Cam, Crank and ABS, Ionization Probes and Technical Ceramics.


The Brisk Advantage

 Brisk is the only company in the world that offers a full line-up of high performance spark plugs with a SILVER CORE.  Silver is the best conductor of electricity and heat and our SILVER RACING SPARK PLUGS have been proven to increase performance in supercharged, turbocharged, force induction and naturally aspirated engines.

 In addition to racing and high boost applications, we manufacture spark plugs with extended replacement interval (Platinum, Iridium, Yttrium) and Copper core marine, go-carts and agricultural vehicles.


What Brisk Can Do For You

-There are many reasons why you should carry Brisk performance products.

 1)      We offer the largest selection of Silver Premium and high performance racing spark plugs that will leave your competition behind.

2)      We offer Shop and Engine Builder Dealer Programs, where you can become an Authorized distributor for Brisk Racing Spark Plugs with completion of our buy in, a hassle free             process!

3)      We offer great profit margins on all of our products.

4)      We can provide large-quantity customers with custom designs for all of our performance products, custom packaging and co-branding, and turnkey solutions.


Thank you again for your time, we look forward to hearing from you!

For more information, please visit or email us at

Please also feel free to give us a call M-F 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Central Standard Time.

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