Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs Help Set New 3Valve Modular World Record!

MMR at it again with another World Record, Worlds Fastest 3Valve Modular Engine with GT500 Heads!

Modular Mustang Racing holds numerous records for the worlds fastest Mustangs, and has captured another Record with their 3Valve Modular Pro Mod car! MMR is now officially the fastest Modular Powered Mustang Racing team in the world. Making a change over to Brisk Silver Racing G08S Spark Plug, the team ran faster than ever before breaking all previously held records with a pass of
6.08 @ 240mph backed up with 6.09  @ 241mph!!

Brisk Racing Spark Plugs would like to congratulate Team MMR for all of their success, and thank Team MMR for using Brisk Silver Racing Performance Spark plugs in all of their Record breaking builds!
Brisk Racing Spark plugs specialize in High Performance & Racing Spark plugs used for various styles of racing. Brisk Silver Racing Line as featured here (Brisk Silver Racing G08S) is most popular in Forced induction applications from Street to Race Cars built for the strip.

Brisk Racing carries a wide variety of different styles and heat ranges to accommodate for its customers needs. Whether you have a Naturally Aspirated Stock Street car or a full blown Race Car, Brisk Racing is the name for Performance and Racing Spark plugs in any and every venue!
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Modular Mustang Racing specializes in building Modular race engines and components, whether you're looking for a few minor modifications, or you're looking for a fully built modular engine, Modular Mustang Racing is the name!